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Quality policy , HSE

The Policy establishes the general goals towards which to strive and the commitments to achieve these, both in relation to external requirements (upgrading of performance of products/services, Client satisfaction, requirements of a social-economic nature) and in relation to internal requirements (internal Client satisfaction, reduction in number of nonconformities).

The organisation operates in the industrial sector in relation to the provision of the following services:

  • Design, Building, Installation and Maintenance of gas pipelines, oil pipelines, aqueducts and related works and complementary and accessory plants, industrial plants.

For some years now we have decided to upgrade our organisation and reduce the impact of our activities on the surrounding environment and the risks associated with our job.For this purpose, in compliance with applicable laws, we intend operating according to a Quality – Environment and Safety Management System in conformity with reference standards.The responsibility of System Management concerns the entire company organisation, from the Employer down to each individual worker, each according to his/her own capacities and assigned duties.

The explicitly defined goals are:

  • satisfaction of requirements(required by Client and needed to cater for the service requisites), including cogent applicable ones;
  • ongoing improvementof the effectiveness of the management system;
  • cost cutting, in terms of elimination of internal nonconformities and those induced by external Suppliers;
  • individual assumption of responsibility for resources: obtained by valorising the work done both by managers and their collaborators;
  • ongoing monitoringof resource consumption to minimise this;
  • constant monitoringof risks indicated in Risk Evaluation document;
  • continuous improvement and prevention of pollution: in particular by managing, in a controlled manner, activities that produce water drainage, emissions into the atmosphere, etc.
  • management of wastesproduced directly and indirectly;
  • considering everything that concerns the environment and safety togetherwith other company management aspects of Client requirements.

In view of the above goals, the organisation has identified and defined thecommitmentsto achieve them in terms of instruments, procedures, resources and all else needed to achieve them.

Among the major commitments are:

  • considering Safety and Health on the place of work and the relevant results as an integral part of company management;
  • providing the necessary human and instrumental resources;
  • fostering awareness among and training workers as regards the carrying out of their duties in a safe way so they assume their responsibilities as regards Safety and Health on work places; 
  • the involvement and consultation with the workers, including through their safety representatives;
  • the periodical re-examination of the Policy itself and of the implemented Management System;
  • the definition and diffusion inside the Company of the Safety and Health goals in places of work and relevant implementation programmes;

The instruments to attain these goals are:

  • Maintaining of suitable “Internal Auditing” procedures: obtained by preventing or in any case promptly removing the causes of deformities with respect to the characteristics of the Service and to the times and costs agreed with the Client;
  • Training/Formative Measures: done by introducing all the company Departments to the Quality – Environment and Safety Rules and Regulations, at all levels and especially managerial levels;
  • Maintaining of  a company management system according to UNI EN ISO 9001, UNI EN ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001, which represent the reference standards for the Organisation: these are the Organisation reference standards.
  • Organisation: defines the organisation chart and the organisational goals of all the Departments.

The instruments identified as required to achieve the above goals  involve the entire organisation in an integrated corporate outlook and in a correct equilibrium, with all the aspects that help define company strategies.